Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday - a whole seven days to mess up or make the best of it!

Let's start the new week with three items, that will define the next seven days and give me a motivational boost to live for another seven days.

1. Quote of the week

"I don’t hate a lot of people. But I hate some. And I want horrible things to happen to them."
- Mr. Fab -Pointless Drivel
(Just read it and I liked it!)

2. Picture of the week

(The tongue represents so much in a Freudian point of view, but it represents a good lick,too! I don't know what that's supposed to mean..not now!)

3. Haiku of the week

Working sucks like hell.
Heaven seems so far away.
At least I got cash.

Let's wait for sunday to see if the haiku, the picture or the quote will have helped.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just think in a whole new dimension...

I found this post on The Foo Logs. Within the post there is this video, I watched it and stopped twice to just think about it. This is pretty sophisticated stuff presented in a light way.
I read the headline "Imagining the Tenth Dimension" and I thought this is about time travel or so. But it is about so much more. Watch the video - it's just mind-blowing!

The post is actually about this book: "Imagining the Tenth Dimension: A New Way of Thinking About Time and Space" from Rob Bryanton. If you believe the customer reviews on, the book is far away from being well-written scientific literature, but nevertheless the video is great!

Friday, October 19, 2007


There are billions of blogging-contests out there: "Get a PR7-Link!", "Win 20$ in paypal-cash", "Win whatsoever!"!
I don't believe in that kind of backlink-fishing. I offer you more than just a link on a Page-Rank ZERO-blog or a useless amount of money ( I know you are not blogging for money!). I give you the chance of becoming a god! That sounds catchy, right?

If you win this contest, you get all the preferences of a christian-like god. I will worship you. I will find new followers and I will destroy the heathens and non-believers. If you scream "Blasphemy!!!" right now, please leave and never come back!

In addition you will receive a backlink to your blog on my Page-Rank ZERO-blog and a useless amount of money!

I know, what you are saying right now: "This bald-guy desperately tries to get some traffic and backlinks!" --I can honestly answer: "Goddamn..of course! Everybody wants some traffic. I'm forcing my girlfriend to read my blogs!"

You can take part in this contest by commenting! Please tell me why you are "Bigger than Jesus" (First Beatles-quotation on this site!!)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The case of The Jay - A Blogging Disease

I first got in touch with blogging in 2004. I started a blog about football, but this blog only lasted for 4 posts. A year later I opened a picture blog, where I posted pictures and collages quite regularly for about a year. But I stopped blogging again.
Then I met Jason, yes, the "Ask-Jason"-Jason and he infected me with the Blogging Disease (BD) again. But not only me, Jason spread the BD like a virus.
I worked out this following sketch to show Mighty Jason's influence on the blogging world:

And these are just the connections I know. I don't know how much more people Jason introduced into the world of blogging.
I'm glad he brought me back to posting, commenting and going blog-wacky.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Spam Mails have feelings, too.

Sometimes when I scroll down in my spam folder to look for mails that got in there by accident, I wonder why I get so many of those spam-mails.
I think spammers are good people, that's why they send me hundreds of e-mails.
Many of those e-mails want to help me getting cheap software or medication. I mean I can get a real rolex for almost nothing. The spam even cares about my sex life, bigger, longer, stronger ... you know what I mean.
I usally don't have the time to read all the mails. To be honest: I delete them all every day!
Should I feel bad about it?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Best use of liquor

Some people use alcohol to produce aftershave, some people use alcohol to kill bacterias and then there are people, who use alcohol for cocktails.

Here are the Bald Guy's TOP 3 cocktails:

1. El Diablo
tequilla, ginger ale, lime and cassis.

2. Touchdown
vodka, apricot brandy, passionfruit juice, lemon juice and grenadine

3. Tequilla Sunrise
tequilla, orange juice and grenadine

But always be careful and don't drink to much. Stop drinking, when you can't taste the ingredients anymore.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Who needs an alarm clock, if you've got a cat!

No matter how tired I am or how late I went to bed, one thing is for sure:
I will wake up around 10 o'clock!

My little tomcat named Mack is the most dependable alarm clock in town. He will wake me up and remind me that it's time for breakfast. So far there's nothing special about it, cause every cat somehow knows exactly when it's time for his/her meal. But I like his tactics of waking me up.

I call it the Purr-Smooch-Lick-Nibble-Attack.
First little Mack jumps on my bed, sometimes he jumps on me, then the purring starts. You know the movie "Mad Max", there is this car "The Last V8", Mack purrs like that.
Then he looks for a nice warm spot, mostly my breast or shoulder, to lay down and smooch.
If I haven't open my eyes untill now the licking starts. Hair, ears, eyebrows Mack will clean up everything. A cat's tongue is not smooth and soft, no it's like sandpaper. The licking will hurt, but if I still refuse to rise the Nibble-Attack starts.
The final assault on my sleep is not brutal but effective. Mack starts to bite. He nibbles at my ears, at my hair and his favorite part of my face: the tip of my nose! I can stand the nibbling for about 20 seconds, then I have to do something against it. And then Mack knows that I'm awake and that's it. I have to get up and feed the little, sweet monster.

Cats are clever, don't mess with them.
If you don't believe me read about Chuck-Norris-Cat at the Pointless Drivel Blog.