Friday, October 19, 2007


There are billions of blogging-contests out there: "Get a PR7-Link!", "Win 20$ in paypal-cash", "Win whatsoever!"!
I don't believe in that kind of backlink-fishing. I offer you more than just a link on a Page-Rank ZERO-blog or a useless amount of money ( I know you are not blogging for money!). I give you the chance of becoming a god! That sounds catchy, right?

If you win this contest, you get all the preferences of a christian-like god. I will worship you. I will find new followers and I will destroy the heathens and non-believers. If you scream "Blasphemy!!!" right now, please leave and never come back!

In addition you will receive a backlink to your blog on my Page-Rank ZERO-blog and a useless amount of money!

I know, what you are saying right now: "This bald-guy desperately tries to get some traffic and backlinks!" --I can honestly answer: "Goddamn..of course! Everybody wants some traffic. I'm forcing my girlfriend to read my blogs!"

You can take part in this contest by commenting! Please tell me why you are "Bigger than Jesus" (First Beatles-quotation on this site!!)