Friday, August 10, 2007

Who needs an alarm clock, if you've got a cat!

No matter how tired I am or how late I went to bed, one thing is for sure:
I will wake up around 10 o'clock!

My little tomcat named Mack is the most dependable alarm clock in town. He will wake me up and remind me that it's time for breakfast. So far there's nothing special about it, cause every cat somehow knows exactly when it's time for his/her meal. But I like his tactics of waking me up.

I call it the Purr-Smooch-Lick-Nibble-Attack.
First little Mack jumps on my bed, sometimes he jumps on me, then the purring starts. You know the movie "Mad Max", there is this car "The Last V8", Mack purrs like that.
Then he looks for a nice warm spot, mostly my breast or shoulder, to lay down and smooch.
If I haven't open my eyes untill now the licking starts. Hair, ears, eyebrows Mack will clean up everything. A cat's tongue is not smooth and soft, no it's like sandpaper. The licking will hurt, but if I still refuse to rise the Nibble-Attack starts.
The final assault on my sleep is not brutal but effective. Mack starts to bite. He nibbles at my ears, at my hair and his favorite part of my face: the tip of my nose! I can stand the nibbling for about 20 seconds, then I have to do something against it. And then Mack knows that I'm awake and that's it. I have to get up and feed the little, sweet monster.

Cats are clever, don't mess with them.
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